UAE COVID-19 The Next Chapter

It might feel odd at first, but finally, UAE residents no longer have to wear a face mask when out in open public spaces. The National Emergency, Crisis, and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) announced that the United Arab Emirates had relaxed its COVID-19 regulations regarding masks, travel, quarantine, and PCR testing protocols. On Friday, it was announced that the new rules would become effective as of Saturday, February 26.

New regulations for international travelers

Great news if you’re planning a trip to Dubai! Fully vaccinated travelers will no longer need to present a pre-departure negative PCR result to enter the UAE. Although, unvaccinated travelers will need to submit a negative PCR test result with a 48-hour validity.

“The National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Authority announce the easing of COVID-19 precautionary and preventive measures in line with the country’s strategy to create a balance between public health and various vital sectors and to support national efforts to achieve sustainable recovery,” NCEMA tweeted late Friday.


No more mask regulations for outdoors

NCEMA announced face masks are no longer necessary in specific spaces. It’s no longer mandatory to wear face masks in public areas in the UAE. However, face masks will still have to be worn in “public indoor spaces” such as malls, lobbies, sitting rooms, hospitals & etc.

Moreover, you no longer have to wear a face mask at Expo 2020 Dubai’s outdoor areas. Although, you will still be required to wear a mask when inside the pavilions. On the other hand, people entering Abu Dhabi will no longer need to show the Al Hosn green pass to enter. However, the green pass is still mandatory to enter public places in Abu Dhabi.


Quarantine protocols

The Authority has decided to cancel quarantine requirements for individuals who come into contact with a positive COVID-19 case but do not show any signs or symptoms of the virus. The PCR tests will need to be conducted daily for five consecutive days for COVID-19 contacts working in all state sectors to ensure they are not infected and can return to work securely.

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