THE OWNER'S VIEW 2022 real estate market

The owner’s view

The CEO & founder of BlackBrick. Matthew Bate, came together with Katie Savage (Partner & Director of Private Office & Strategy), to welcome 2022 with a brand-new series called “the owner’s view”. In this series they will go through different topics in the real estate world like exclusive listings and market reviews. In this episode, it’s all about the confidence in the market, relocating investing in Dubai, foreign investment and vibrant destinations.


The BlackBrick. – Line-Up

Bringing twenty years of experience in global business operations in a range of industries including commercial & residential real estate, large-scale luxury property development, retail, tourism, F&B and luxury branded destinations, Matt is a professional with an extensive background in real estate. Having developed tactical growth strategies and successfully changed, aligned, and managed business operations, Matt is well positioned to lead a new disruptive business model and meet changing economic, market, and social conditions.

Having graduated in both psychology and marketing, Katie has extensive experience in talent acquisition and workplace psychology, and has translated this expertise to the real estate sector since moving to Dubai 15 years ago. The background and experience Katie has contributed to her passion for real estate, which has made her a successful luxury real estate advisor and entrepreneur.


The Owner’s view – Overview

According to Matt, 2022 predictions can be a bit misleading. This is because you can never fully know how and when the market will change. However, there are some key indicators of the RE- Market. The global economy will be under pressure, there’s no doubt about that. However, Dubai set itself up again in 2022. Dubai has always been a safe haven, when it comes to wellbeing but also when it comes to investment. The city keeps on growing and evolving, it welcomes change and growth.


The Owner’s View – Investing in Dubai

According to Katie, people still want new properties, new developments, they still have faith in Dubai, and that’s something that is really important. People believe that it will be built and that it will be done under a certain timeframe. That’s one reason why investors see Dubai as a “safe haven”. Due to the development of crowdfunding platforms and low-cost portfolio products, Dubai has the most venture capitalists and investors in the region. These platforms are allowing more people to enter the investment market, including those from middle and low-income families. Increasing credit availability, a rise in private equity and a rise in venture capital are also driving middle market growth.


The Owner’s View – The effect of Covid on Dubai

Tourism and business are primary factors in Dubai’s economy, and it cannot afford another lockdown. Tourism is a vital part of Dubai’s economy, which has suffered under the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus. This is one of the main reasons why it’s important for Dubai to stay open. A 5.5 million visitor count was reported in 2020, despite global lockdowns, and this year’s total was 4.88 million through the end of October, according to official data. Dubai was, and still is a popular destination throughout the whole pandemic.


The Owner’s View – Vibrant destination

The people are being exposed to an awesome city. According to Katie, Dubai is still so vibrant and exciting full with growth and potential. Tourism is very high especially now, after Christmas and New Years. Moreover, JBR is one destination that is booming when it comes to tourism. It’s a finished and vibrant destination.

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Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CYycit4Jdct/




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