Museum of the Future Discover the Forthcoming

The Future is Displayed in Dubai

Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, revealed that Dubai’s Museum of the Future, which is described as the world’s most beautiful building, will open on the 22nd of February 2022.

The museum has remarkable architecture, is centrally located, and is easily accessible. Furthermore, it was possible to see what scientists think Dubai will look like in 2050 and how artificial intelligence and smart devices will play in our households. These topics will be bandied in the magnificent museum.


See, Touch and Shape the Future

The museum of the Future answers the question: “What are the trends of the future”? Here humankind will see and learn about techniques that will change our lives. What will the role of artificial intelligence be? What will the home of the future with intelligent devices look like? Similarly: what can we do in the fulminate against climate change, and which techniques will be habituated in the forthcoming?



Where Science and Society Interface

The Museum of the Future is not just about ‘pure’ or abstract science. It is precisely the interface with the society that is extensively discussed. That’s why it is shown what role science and technology can play in our everyday lives, social interactions, health, and physique. The still-mysterious relationship between humans and robots is discussed in detail so that visitors can get an idea of ​​what their lives could look like.


Permanent and Pop-up Exhibitions

In addition to large permanent exhibitions, there will identically be room for temporary pop-up exhibitions. The changing nature ensures something new to experience every time individuals visit the Museum of the Future. All pop-up exhibitions will equivalently have to do with the future of our planet or our technology.


The Museum of the Future Aims to be a Global Leader

Explore a museum where history is made rather than displayed, where instead of absorbing the past, you help the future to emerge. The worlds that you will encounter are not predictions. They are challenges brought to life by storytellers, visionary technologists and artists from around the world.

The museum’s initiator, His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashad Al Maktoum, aptly articulated the museum’s ambitions: ‘The Museum of the Future will be a breeding ground for ideas, a driver of innovation and a destination for inventors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.’ Thus, the museum must play a paramount role globally and will become a massive asset to Dubai’s ever-expanding cultural offering. The Museum of the Future can be found near Emirates Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road and has an exterior encrusted with picturesque Arabic calligraphy.

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